Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Morning After.....

We played marathon games of Monopoly in our pj's and we played endless games of cards to see who got to pack up what. The Lad has an extra day off work, so although this has been an extended little break for us all together as a family, it's coming to an end tomorrow :o(

Monday, April 13, 2009

In Your Own Backyard.....

H9 pulled out "Go camping at Bowentown" from our holiday lucky-dip bowl of exciting-things-to-do-when-we've-done-all-our-jobs. We rang them and it was going to cost us $140 but we couldn't get in till 2pm and we had to be out by 10am, so we bought ourselves a supply of gourmet sausages and loads of marshmallows and pitched out tent on the lawn.

We built a campfire, invited the neighbours over for damper and camp milos and the compulsory 'show', as kids are wont to do when there's an audience of adults who can't escape ;o).

We did a spot of stargazing, and because we were getting bitten by the mozzies, we got our sleeping bags and mattresses out of the tent and gazed for hours. So long, in fact, we never ended up going back into the tent, we all slept out under the stars - magic!: