Thursday, January 29, 2009

OMG! What Kind of Mother Am I?.....

"I don't WANT to go!"

"You'll be fine, H9, once you're there you'll be so busy having a fantastic time, you'll hardly even miss us. The days will whizz past in a blur and we'll be down to join you before you even know it. Take your phone, and I'll text you each night before you go to sleep"

Well, that lasted for the first night! How crap am I? (I didn't even text her the second night, The Lad (who obviously cares more than me) did ring her, though). I said to The Lad as we fell into bed last night "Shit, I forgot to text Hannah tonight!"

We knew she would be fine during the day, but it is the getting to sleep that our little bed-hopper finds so hard. Getting to sleep by herself is nigh on impossible, and she is often found wandering the house looking for an obliging sibling or parent to snuggle up with. I have been known to be woken past 11pm by:

H9: "Mum! Mum!"

Me: "Hmmmmm, wahhhh?"

H9: "I'm really worried. I've been laughing a lot today."

Me: "Why is that worrying you, honey?"

H9: "Well, remember you said ages ago that you nearly died laughing? I don't want to die."

And other such notions that seem to surface at sleeptime.

Which is probably the underlying reason we received this text at 3.09am this morning:

1 3/4 hours is such a long way when your baby wants some lovin' :o(


Blogger Cally said...

Ahhh - poor babe. But it's so good to see you back and blogging :)

11:56 am  
Blogger katie kiwi said...

what cally said.
and also - can't WAIT to see yous tomorrow.
and also - have thought i might finally omit the "s" from kate5kiwis. but am actually thinking i might change my whole persona X

5:23 pm  
Blogger Raewyn said...

Awww! That is so cute.
So what did you do?
Go get her right then?? ;-)

7:15 am  

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