Sunday, November 11, 2007

Swimming With The Dolphins.....

We had the opportunity to go on a Swim With Dolphins charter at a reduced rate through a fundraiser the Guides were putting on (still $450 for us all though!):

Although we never ended up actually swimming with any dolphins, we did see a big pod of bottlenose before we had even left the harbour which gave us all a huge thrill, they are a special kind of creature alright:

We couldn't go in with this lot because they had two babies with them, one was approximately two weeks old, and the other one was about six weeks old - according to the Skipper:

Maddy The Fab:

L5 hanging out in the galley below:

The kids taking turns at being the Lookout - spotting the dolphins for us:

Kayne doing his Titanic impersonation:

We did go in the water near the end of the trip. Some of us took the fast way in:

And some of us did our best whale impersonations, and simply rolled themselves off the back of the boat:

There was great discussion on just what these little squares of jelly with black spots inside were - jellyfish or fish roe:

The Mount from an angle we don't usually get to see it:

The statue of Tangaroa as we don't usually get to see it also:

The view I had most of the day. I always thought I wasn't one for lounging about in the sun for an entire day doing not a lot of anything, but it turns out I'm a natural ;o) and it was very relaxing. There was something very wistful about bobbing about on the water while we were sailing, lying on the deck in the sun (I'm not a sun lover), hearing the sea and watching the world drift by:

As odd as it may sound, I don't eat crayfish, The Lad doesn't rate it at all, and the other kids can't really be bothered with it. But because Brooke knows Poppa loves it, she gave us a couple of small ones to give to him, which he very gallantly shared with A11:


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