Thursday, November 08, 2007

Windsong Miniature Horses.....

Well, it's my turn to go on a Date with L9, and where better than to Windsong? They certainly are small, and this one is the shortest of all - a dwarf miniature, no less:

The old brown one here is 26 years old (I think):

We managed to spot the imposter, lol:

I was amazed the sheer quantity of horses they had there, considering they can't be ridden or used for work, the thought crossed my mind as to why someone would want over 200 miniature horses?:

Ever seen a champion sans make-up and hairdresser?:

Another thought crossed my mind when we heard that these horses were being shown and so they had to be clipped, but after they clip them, they wrap them up in hoods and layers of blankets and sleep them indoors so they don't get cold - go figure?:

Here's the place where they sleep the show ponies (couldn't resist) and display all the ribbons and keep the costumes - yep, costumes, I was getting well freaked out by this time as the wigs and dresses and clown suits and mouse ears and baby bonnets that the horses wear were being proudly shown off:

The bubbas *were* very cute though:


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