Friday, November 09, 2007

Living Art Wildlife Park.....

Where do I start?!

What about with the Golden Pheasants:

Or maybe the Giant Chess Set:

Perhaps the Gallah:

Or Hedwig the Morepork:

The Wallaby:

Hand feeding the Chickens:

The Red-Eared Terrapins:

The Peacock:

The Turkey:

Or Domino the mini Kunekune:

The Llama:

The Kereru:

L9 holding the The Bearded Dragon:

Simba the Neopolitan X French Mastiff:

Jake the Cockatoo:

Frizzle the cool curly Chicken:

The Tui:

The Grey Heron:

The funky Ducks:

Some Snake Neck Turtles:

The Bearded Dragon with his mates:

H7 with a Rabbit:

L9 with an outrageously cool Guinea Pig:

Some cute Ducklings:

L9 with Zazu the Ringneck:

L5 with Zazu:

An Eastern Water Dragon:

Who knew that Mynah's could talk?


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