Saturday, November 10, 2007

Omanu and The Mount.....

We walked round The Mount this morning (I love this view):

We had the mandatory pose-off on the way round (L5 got banned from the photos in the end because he was being overly poserish (yes, Kate, that's a word!):

Then we took off to the Waiariki Street end of Omanu Beach, parked the car and walked the entire length of the beach till we reached the Surf Club:

This photo was taken about halfway down (how does one tell, really, though?), looking back from whence we had come:

We had a few play stops along the way (we had to walk all the way back, remember, although I did make them go back along the road, which they weren't happy about - nothing like the lure of an ice cream if you do it may way ;o) !!!):


Blogger kate5kiwis said...

definitely a word.
thinking that your poser definitely wins The Cutest Poser Award X

2:59 pm  

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