Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ruud Kleinpaste, aka "The Bugman".....

How lucky were we to have some time with "Ruud The Bugman" this afternoon? He was hoisted up a tree (the tallest Queensland Kauri in the Southern Hemisphere - 32m!) to see what he (and us) could see:

These guys were tricky as with their pulley set-up for hoisting Ruud up:

But the King of Tricky for the day went to this guy - it took him less than a minute to hoon up that tree - he just sort of 'walked' up that rope, making it look *very* easy, as people who do that sort of tricky-looking stuff every day are prone to do:

He was really an entertainer, he was incredibly interesting and engaging and kept the kids enthralled with a few "bum" and "poo" words peppered throughout his dialogue:

He fascinated us with a hundred and one facts about a monarch butterfly (this one was a boy, don't ya know?):

Then the *WETAS* came out - his own little flatting situation he travels with - George and The Girls (Dorothy - Dot for short, and Betty (thanks, Kate!):

Somehow I never expected anything less than something this size for a weta poo, lol:

The kids who wanted a turn all had a handle of the wetas (my skin was crawling just watching all this):

L9 was brave beyond herself:

Even the Mum's had a go - Anasera was well at home:

But Samantha took a bit of convincing they weren't going to eat her alive, lol:

Thanks, Bugman, you were awesome:


Blogger Fernanda Mc said...

if you don't know how important bugs are in this world,Ruud Kleinpaste will tell you, he's so true.

4:07 AM  

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